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Rules Of The Club
Constitution & By-Laws
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Becoming A Member

The name of the club is the “Georgia Research & Recovery Club.”
Membership is open to anyone, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.
The purpose of this club is to provide social, technical and recreational informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment of  hunting and collecting items from the past and present.
The officers of the club are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Recorder.

The above named officers and the past active Presidents of the Club comprise the Executive Committee. The Committee directs and controls the operation and activities of the club. The Executive Committee has the authority to request additional people to provide assistance as needed. There are no regularly scheduled committee meetings. Executive Committee meetings will be scheduled as needed by the current President or a majority of the other committee members.
The appointment of the nominating committee takes place during the October meeting. This committee is comprised of three members appointed by the President of the club. The nominating committee will present a slate of nominees at the November meeting. The officers in Article 4 are nominated and elected at the club meeting in December.  All attending members at the meeting on election night will be eligible to vote (1 vote per paid membership). An elected officer’s term will be for a 12 month period starting January 1st.
THE PRESIDENT presides over all meetings of the club, and the executive committee. The president represents the club in all matters relating to the club. The president may appoint a member of the club as chairman of any standing committee. In the event of the resignation of any officer the president will appoint an officer Pro-temp to serve until the successor of such office is elected.
THE VICE-PRESIDENT will assume the duties of the President in the absence or resignation of the president. The Vice-President will also oversee and organize all fund raising activities. The Vice-President will also be an additional signatory on the financial account(s) of the club.
THE SECRETARY maintains a complete record of the activities of the club, including notices of meetings and events. The secretary also maintains a roster of members, as furnished by the treasurer. The secretary also publishes the clubs monthly newsletter. The secretary will include in the April and October news letters a current membership list. When there are new members, their member information will be included in the next newsletter so that members may keep their membership list up to date.
THE TREASURER handles all financial matters of the club. The treasurer keeps appropriate records of all funds and expenditures. The treasurer maintains a master copy of all paid members and provides the secretary with an up to date copy. The treasurer keeps a bank account in the name of the club and checks on which may be drawn over his or the Vice-President’s signature. The treasurer makes a report to the club as requested by the president.
THE RECORDER maintains the meeting sign in sheet, issues door prize tickets, tallies all votes made by the club members. The Recorder also tracks annual attendance.
Standing committees are formed to run activities of the club, such as Outings and club hunts.
This constitution can be amended as follows. An amendment may be presented by any club member at any regular meeting, provided that that person has notified the president of his or her intentions at least 15 days in advance of the meeting. The amendment must be prepared in writing. The secretary will prepare copies of the proposed amendment and will include it in the newsletter. A vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting will be required for adoption. BY-LAWS are amended in the same manner as above.
At no time is the balance in the checking account, less all outstanding debits, to fall below $250.00 without a majority written vote of the club members present at the meeting, and approval of the Executive Committee. In such cases where as the checking account falls below $500.00, a detailed report is required from the Treasurer to the club at the next monthly meeting.


Meetings of the club are held a 7:00 PM on the Second Thursday of each month.
Dues are $20.00 per family, per year payable to the club treasurer. Families consist of the member’s spouse and dependents. The year is the calendar year January through December. Dues for new members joining from July through December are $10.00. Dues must be paid before entering finds for “Find of the Month” or participating in any club functions.
The club motto is “Preservers of the Past for Future Generations”
Should a member of this club behave in such a manner as to necessitate disciplinary action, such action shall be taken by the current club officers only after a majority vote by the Executive Committee.
The categories for find of the month are as follows:
1. Coin - The best single coin or group of coins entered.
2. Relic - The best single Civil War relic or group of Civil War relics entered.
3. Jewelry - The best jewelry find, single or multiple.
4. Artifacts and Things - Arrowheads, bottles, paper money, gold, silver, gemstones, non-Civil War relics, anything dug or non-dug that does not fit into category one (1) thru three (3) above.
The winner of each category will be determined by the most popular vote by members present at the meeting.



“Georgia Research & Recovery Club” members attending any Club activity or exercising any right or privilege incident to membership in the Club shall do so at their own risk and hazard, and every member by applying for and accepting membership in the Club assumes all risk and hazard and agrees to hold the Club and all of its members and officers harmless and free from liability of any kind or nature and resulting from any injury, loss or cause whatsoever. Parents and guardians of all minor members likewise by acceptance of membership of such minors, assume all risks and hazards incident to such membership and agree to hold the Club members and its officers free and harmless from any liability whatsoever.
Guests at any Club activity assumes all risks and hazards and, by acceptance of guess privileges, agree to hold the Club members, its officers, and property owners free and harmless from any liability whatsoever.
In order to participate in a club activity, all participants will be required to sign a “WAIVER/RELEASE AGREEMENT”. The intent of the waiver is to protect the club, it’s members as well as the property owner.

No potentially explosive or otherwise hazardous objects or materials, including but not limited to live shells, will be brought to any club functions
1. Observe all existing laws, whether National, State, or Local.
2. Do not destroy, damage, or deface public or private property.
3. Always conduct yourself in a manner that is courteous and polite.
4. When coin shooting be as careful as possible when digging coins.
5. Fill all holes dug by you as well as others when possible.
6. Remove all found objects, whether coin or pop top. Discard trash in trashcans.
7. On private land, obtain permission first. Everything on his land belongs to the land owner. You can be taken to court.
8. A written agreement is suggested if you are looking for something of value.
9. Honor both written and oral agreements.
10. Do not carry firearms unless necessary. Obtain permission.
11. It is a good idea for not more than two people to approach a land owner at a time. Let the land owner know where you will be hunting and when you leave. Stay away from his house and all out buildings. Offer the land owner part of your find if you have found anything. Make a better image of the hobby wherever you go.