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1. All finds are to be found since the last meeting. If you miss a meeting, the finds for that month may not be entered the next month or any subsequent month. All entries are to be found by the entering member. Hunting partners may not combine finds. You must be present during the meeting to enter.

2. Entry is allowed in all four categories. Space is limited for displaying finds, so try to display your finds in a neat and orderly manner.

3.  Raffles will be held at any show voted on by the members to participate in. The club will raffle a prize in keeping with the show theme. Each member is responsible and accountable for all tickets that the member accepts for sale. The treasurer keeps a record of all tickets and money from the sale. Each member is responsible for seeing that all tickets, sold and unsold, and all money is turned in to one of the officers of the Club at least two hours before the raffle time. At the show, the selling of tickets must be done behind the display table. Selling from the aisles blocks the flow of people visiting other tables. All raffle tickets are numbered for accounting purposes. One (1) special drawing ticket will be awarded for each book of 10 tickets sold. A drawing from these tickets will be held at the next regularly schedule meeting. The winning ticket will receive a prize. The winning member does not have to be present to win.

4. Club voting will be conducted by secret ballot.

5. Club newsletter will be mailed, emailed or otherwise distributed no later that 7 days before the next scheduled meeting.

6. All club sponsored activities must appear in the newsletter at least 30 days prior to the activity.

7. Appointed positions are for one calendar year.

8. “Rules of the Club” may be changed at any regularly scheduled meeting by a majority vote of the attending members without prior written notice to club members.

9. All attendees or guardian of minor aged attendees must sign a “WAIVER/RELEASE AGREEMENT” prior to participating in club activities.

10. A club member must have dues paid no less than 60 days prior to any club sponsored function, including hunts, in order to participate.